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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ramp Control
This section provides departing and arriving flights with the following services:

Aircraft Coordination: Guiding the aircraft into and out of the parking position (by way of aircraft marshaling), monitoring how different ground handling equipment attach and de-attach to the aircraft; Quick and careful aircraft loading/unloading and delivery of passenger baggage, cargos, posts, and aircraft spare parts in different terminals by ramp controllers and operators as well as by dedicated equipment.
Cabin Cleaning: Between flights, cabin cleaners do the overall and general cleaning of the aircraft interior including cleaning, organizing and management of head-rests, blankets, pillows as well as floor and toilet cleaning and replenishment.
Aircraft Push-back and Towing: It is quite customary as a preferred method to move aircraft forwards and backwards (in and out) using a tow or pushback tractor. Equipped with modern Towbarless Push Trucks and Tractors, IranAir can provide safe aircraft push-back and towing.
De-icing and Anti-icing Services: To have a safe flight on the times when there are freezing conditions and precipitation, de-icing an aircraft before its flight is crucial. De-icing techniques are employed to ensure that engine inlets, control surfaces and sensors on the outer part of the aircraft are clear of ice or snow. De-icing as well as anti-icing on the ground are usually done by spraying aircraft with a de-icing fluid or anti-icing chemicals that not only de-ice surfaces but also hold on the surface and continue to delay the reformation of ice and prevent adhesion of that. IranAir de-icing operators guarantee the safety of flights by using modern dedicated de-icing and anti-icing equipment with high quality anti-ice fluid imported to Iran from European countries.