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Geographical Position, South Khorassan Province 
The province of South Khorassan, located in the east of Iran covering an area of 90,000 sq. km. It is bounded to Razavi Khorassan in north , Afghanistan Republic in the east, Sitan and Baluchistan in the south and Kerman Province in westsouth and Yazd Province in the west.  This province has 4 townships that are Birjand, Qaenat, Sarbisheh and Nehbandan. In 2005 about 600,000 people resided in South Khorassan 
Climate, South Khorassan Province 
Climatically this province is a dry and warm region composed of two mountainous and plain areas. The mountainous region is located in the north and northeast of the Province while the plain areas are in south and southeast of it. The mountainous area enjoy moderate climate. The climate of the region can be divided as follows:
Moderate Semi-arid That includes northern and east northern areas and
Arid and warm region that is in the south and west of the Province.
The highest temperature of the province in the summer is 40 degree C and the lowest in -10 degree C. Average annual precipitation is about 200mm.
Birjand is a city at the heart of desert which has warm, intelligent and kind hearted people. It is their honour that their city was the first city which was plumbed with water reticulation and their "Shokatieh" school was established concurrent with the first school of Iran, Dar-ul-Fonun.
Birjand has 140 Km of common borderlines with Afghanistan is center of South Khorasan. Birjand is limited to Ghayenat from north, to Afghanistan from east, to Nehbandan and Kerman provinces from south and Ferdows and Tabas from south. It is 34893 sq Km and Birjand is its center. It is located in the longitude of 59º, 13' and latitude of 32º, 53' and 1470 m. high from the sea level. The distance of Birjand to center of Razavi Khorasan is 481 km, to the center of Sistan Baluchestan Province is 458 km and to the center of Kerman Province is 586 km.
Birjand is a mountainous city and there are deep and cultivated valleys and mountains in it. The major mountains are: The mountain