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Dear passenger,

 With over half a century of experience, IranAir owes its accomplishments in rendering quality services to its highly esteemed customers and such an achievement is indebted to the invaluable feedback and dedication of its cherished passengers.
Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude, in advance, towards all our loyal passengers for taking their time to complete the present form. This will definitely assist us in improving and enhancing our services.
Thank you in advance,
The Airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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Please provide us with your feedback on the following IranAir services, according to the rating guidelines below
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Number(2) : weak
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Ease of obtaining ticket
Conduct of sales staff
Fairness of the ticket fare
responses to your enquiries provision of satisfactory information
IranAir Services at the Airport
Grooming & and presentation of the IranAir Ground staff at check-in and special services desk
Cheerfulness and appropriate behavior towards the passengers
Speedy service with attention to details
Satisfactory responses to passengers enquiries
Passengers transfer from gates to the plane
Provision of special services _ wheelchair, stretcher, etc. (where relevant)
Provision of adequate information and response to enquiries (in case of flight delays)
Refreshments (in case of flight delays)
The quality of luggage handling services (from your previous experiences with IranAir)
Flight number
Flight date
Flight Attendants
Flight attendants grooming and presentation
Cheerfulness and appropriate behavior towards passengers
Speedy service with attention to details
Attending to your enquiries and needs
Service provision (food, drinks, publication and toys for children)
Adequacy and quality of vital and useful information during flight (cabin announcement by pilots and flight attendants)
Cabin Condition
Cleanliness of your seat and table
Cleanliness of toilets
Cleanliness of other areas of the aircraft
Seat comfort
Quality of air-show monitor and seat headphone (on international flights only)
Quality of catering services
Catering services suitability for the flight duration
Variety of drinks and their conformity with meals provided
In-Flight Entertainment
IranAir in-flight magazine
Other magazines
Quality of kids entertainment
Quality of audio/video programs (on international flights only)
The following questions address SkyGift club members (frequent fliers who hold gold and silver cards) and Homa Class passengers
Quality Of Services
Reservation priority (applies to gold or silver card holders)
Special counter condition at the airport
Free excess baggage allowance (applies to gold or silver card holders)
Pre-flight services and facilities (departure lounge)
Priority in receiving your baggage at the destination (from your last experience with IranAir)
Free airport transfer services at the destination for gold card holders (from your last experience with IranAir)
Flight number
Flight date
How to contact us
1.     E-mail: pr@iranair.com
2.     Text/SMS to: 30007632 
3.     Telephones: +9821-46624255-6 & +9821-46624427
Dear passenger
We would like to thank you for taking your time to fill out the Feedback Form
Thank you