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Geographical Position, Sistan Va Baluchestan 
The said province covers an area of 178,431 sq. km. and is located to the east of Iran. The various townships of this province are, Iran Shahr, Chabahar, Khash, Zabol, Zahedan, Saravan, and Nik Shahr. Zahedan is the center of this province. The province comprises of two sectors, 'Sistan' in the north and 'Baluchestan' in the south. In the east it has common borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan. In the south is the Oman, to the north and northwest is Khorassan province and to the west stand Kerman and Hormozgan provinces. 
In the year 1996, the province had a population of approximately 723,000, of which 46.1 % resided in the urban areas, 52.8 % in the rural areas and the rest accounted as non-residents.  
According to the natural relief, the formation of this area relates to the late Cenozoic period, and due to the tectonic movements, the mountains have been segregated from the sea. Thence, calcareous sedimentation from the sea, in addition to other comparatively large and soft sediments, have piled up on each other. The southern part of the province known as Mokran, is gradually subsiding due to the thickness of the clay or sandy sedimentation of the Cenozoic period. The altitudes of the province belong to the Mezozoic and Cenozoic periods and are composed mainly of limestone and gypsum. 
Some of the mountains of this province, for example Taftan volcano, are of the late Cenozoic and early Quaternary periods. The altitudes or heights of Sistan Va Baluchestan are part of the central mountain ranges of Iran, and comprise of the uneven lands of the eastern sector of the Challeh Loot and the elevations of the eastern and southern walls of the Challeh Jazmoorian. These mountainous walls stretch out from north to south, and reach a maximum in the area between Iran Shahr and Koohak. These irregularities form both distinctive sections of the mountains of Sistan Va Baluchestan.

Chabahar city in Sistan va Balouchestan province

Chabahar located in the south of the province and to the west of which are the provinces of Kerman and Hormozgan. To its south runs the coastal region of the province and to the east is the neighborhood of Pakistan. Bandar Chabahar is the center of this township and is situated at a distance of 2,382 km. from Tehran.
This area experiences a tropical climate, and its southern segments are humid due to the sea. In olden times it was known as `Bandar Tees` which was held in high esteem, and was one of the trading centers in the Oman Sea. After the Islamic revolution Chabahar gained more importance due to many factors besides the war. Today this region is a strategic vicinity and is considered as a free trade zone area of the country