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 Geographical Position, Hormozgan
Hormozgan province covers an area of 71,193 sq. km. and is situated in the south of Iran and to the north of the Persian Gulf. The Hormoz Strait is one of the focal and vital points in the jurisdiction of this province. The various townships of Hormozgan province are the following: Abumoosa, Bandar Abbas, Bandar Lengeh, Jask, Hadji Abad, Roudan, Qeshm and Minab. 
According to the census of the year 1996, the population of this province was approximately 1.06 million, of which 41.8 % dwelled in the urban areas, 57.7 in the rural vicinities and the rest were non-residents. The major portion of the province has a mountainous terrain, with the southern sector of the Zagross Mountain Range stretching out from the northwest to southeast. The same forming limestone and sandy hills, that adjoin the lower most regions and the shores of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.
Climate, Hormozgan
The province of Hormozgan lies in a desert to a semi-desert like region with a warm (hot) and dry climate. The coastal areas experience a warm and humid weather in summers, while moderate in winters. Rainfall is scant, but humidity along the coastal regions is on a high percentage. 
Bandar Lengeh
Bandar Lengeh which is located in Hormozgan province is one of the oldest ports of the world. The city is connected to the city of Bastak and Fars province from north, to Bandar Abbas and center of the province from east, to Gavbandi and Bushehr province from west and to the azure sea and Arabic countries of the margins of Persian Gulf from south. The city has three parts which are central, Shibkuh and Kish and Bandar Lengeh is at the center of it. The area is 20 square kilometer and 10 meter from the sea level. The climate is hot and wet with long and hot summers. The language is Persian but there are many accents spoken in the region.
The city of Bandar Lengeh is an appropriate bed for attracting domestic and international capitals and interests. The city connects three important provinces of the country and has the closest port to the free ports and to Dubai and the countries at the margin of Persian Gulf. It is one of the active ports for import and export, fishery industry, shrimps breeding, small sea industries for building and repairing wooden and metal floats. Bandar Lengeh was considered one of the reliable and creditable ports during the Achaemenian dynasty and its name was Gugana. At the moment Lengeh is being pronounced Lengoo.