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IranAir offers a variety of different services to its esteemed passengers. In this part, comprehensive and complete information about facilities and ways of using them is provided for your comfort and easy access to guide you through planning a successful trip.
The information comprises the following subjects:

This part contains useful information on areas such as: Travel Information, Homa Class, Frequent Flyers (SkyGift) and ways to contact IranAir sales offices.
Ground Handling
IranAir provides different and various services for its passengers. In this part, comprehensive and complete pieces of information about facilities and ways of utilizing them are explained to help you plan in advance and bring you tranquility and comfort in flight
Training Center
There is plenty of information about the Training Center of IranAir and its professional activities here.
Cargo Services
General information about transportation of cargo and its conditions is gathered here and complete information about cargo export and import is also presented in this part.
Check here for more information on meals and refreshments preparation; serving passengers during flights; meals and required services for the flight crew; offering catering services to other airlines; preparing and serving meals for the personnel; offering services to other organizations, training centers and research organizations; governmental and private organizations. You can also find the application form, evaluation form, a list of IranAir special meals and catering contact information in this part.
Medical Center
Here you can read about situations affecting health during flight, damage caused as a result of flying, medical guide for passengers and medical tips for the disabled and sick passengers during the flight. Furthermore, you can acquire comprehensive information on the first aid facilities in IranAir flights and required vaccination for air travel.
Haj Operations
Information is available on the IranAir Hajj operations here.
Cabin Services
Engineering & Maintenance
Click on this link for familiarization with the Engineering and Maintenance department of IranAir and its big achievements in diverse fields.