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Here I am at Thy service O Allah, Here I am , here I am at Thy service  and Thou hast no partners

Hajj is a global and international issue comparing with other Islamic obligatory duties. This supplication to God that every Muslim has in his/her own heart, manifests publicly and internationally in Hajj.  (The Supreme Leader of the Islamic republic of Iran)
The airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran Air (HOMA), was established in 1961 as Iran National Carrier .Homa for the first time carried Hajj pilgrims in April 1962.
In almost fifty years of experience, Iran Air is proud to carry and offer services to hundreds of thousands keen pilgrims with the highly motivated, experienced and efficient staff and experts, who think that is  their divine and spiritual duty to give the services and not to neglect anything. 
Carrying of about 3/000/000 pilgrims for Hajj Rituals(Tamatto) and 4/000/000 pilgrims for Umrah Rituals  is only part of this divine Grace which is bestowed upon Iran Air Staff.
Iran Air Stations involved in taking the pilgrims to The Holy Cities are: Tehran,Isfahan,Mashhad,Bushehr,Kermanshah,Ardabi,,Yazd,Kerman,Gorgan,Shiraz, Ahwaz, Bandarabbass, Sari, Tabriz, Zahedan, Rasht, Urmieh and Birjand.
Meanwhile, during the Hajj rituals (Tamatto) Iran Air opens offices in the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina for offering flight services to the pilgrims.
For more information about Hajj programs please contact:    http://haj.iranair.com
Iran Air Umrah flights ,this year, started in March 2012,to be continued till 21 Aug 2012,during which 200/000 passengers pay visits to Saudi Arabia. In accordance with Hajj pilgrimage Organization program Iran Air Hajj flights(Tamatto)are to be commenced in the late of September  2012.
It is noteworthy to know the opportunity to visit the Holy Shrine of Imam Rreza (P.B.U.H.) by air from Dammam  to Mashhad  have been operational since 2002 .The Saudi passengers may travel to mashhad by 2 weekly flights.
Iran Air great wishes to serve pilgrims visiting the Holy shrine of Imam Hussein (P.B.U.H.) and other Holy Shrines in Iraq came true in 2010 by 2 weekly flights from Tehran to Baghdad. Currently by 18 flights a week, approximately 120/000 passengers have managed to visit the Holy Shrines from the cities of: Tehran, Kerman, Isfahan, Gorgan, Yazd, Shiraz and Tabriz.
Iran Air Office in Hajj Pilgrimage organization  is ready to give  services and information in business hours.