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In offering services, Iran Air is confronted with vast variety of passengers with different conditions. It tries to provide services for all the passengers based on their conditions.
Please make your reservation as far in advance of your flight as possible, particularly if you have special requirements. The more information we have about you and any special requirements you have, the better prepared we will be to meet your needs when you arrive at the airport
Iran Air requires at least 48 hours advance notice if you need special care, for example if you:
-  have a visual or hearing impairment and need assistance (this needs to be requested on   reservation);
-  cannot climb the stairs or cannot walk at all;
-  cannot walk the distance between the check-in area and the departure gate, between gates  when in  transit, or from the gate to the arrival area;
-  want to use an Iran Air wheelchair or would like to go to the gate in your own wheelchair (manually powered wheelchairs only);
- wish to take your own electric/battery-powered wheelchair  as checked baggage
-  are traveling with a group of 7 or more other passengers with special needs.
Iran Air requires at least 48 hours advance notice for medical care

Useful  information for Passengers
•If your medical conditions require, please have your physician fill out a Medical Information Form. The form should be in our possession not later than 48 hours before departure. Please download the Medical Form or obtain it from your local Iran Air office.
•Check in half an hour before the normal check-in time if you are using an electrically powered wheelchair.
•Ensure to be at the gate at the time indicated on your boarding pass.
•Arrange for a traveling companion if your medical or physical conditions require assistance; the flight crew are not authorized to lift or carry you.
•Don’t forget to bring along the medications you will need during your flight, and make sure they are packed in your hand luggage.

Special Services:
•special meals;
•assistance of ground staff in boarding, disembarking  and  transferring of your own wheelchair or walker.
•take  your life-support equipment for use during the flight, such as a respirator, if no extra seat is required;
For the other special services please contact your local IranAir offices