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Passenger Insurance
Definition of the MAPFRE Insurance for the Passengers Travelling Abroad
This insurance policy insures the passengers who intend to travel abroad. It is valid outside Iran and all its services related to insurance policy are offered and guaranteed based on the agreement and in accordance with general terms and conditions of the MAPFRE Group. MAPFRE also covers for the damages and losses in local currencies.
MAPFRE Insurance
1.    Pays  medical, surgeries, pharmacy and hospitals expenses for injuries and illnesses that might occur during the trip (up to 50,000 Euros).
2.    Pays dental emergency expenses up to the contract ceiling.
3.    Accepts and transfers the patients to the nearest hospital or returns them to Iran under medical supervisions.
4.    Guides and assists passengers when travel documents are stolen or lost.
5.    Returns the insured people’s children to Iran in case the insured are dead or hospitalized.
6.    Returns the corpse of the insured to Iran in case the insured die during the trip
7.    Pays the costs of a companion for joining the insured who are hospitalized abroad
8.    Transmits the instant and emergency messages of the insured
9.    Returns the insured to the country due to unpredictable problems or family members’ diseases if the insured are unable to return with their original tickets.
10. Sends medicine from the origin to the country where the insured are hospitalized
11. Returns the luggage of  passengers in case it is lost or sent to a wrong point (if the luggage is not delivered to the insured up to 12 hours)
12 Pays emergency delay expenses up to 200 Euros (in case the delay leads to more than 48 hours, it will be up to 800 Euros)
 13. Offers necessary information in order to take legal measures on how to replace travel documents such as passports, visa, etc. if such important documents are lost or stolen
14. Pays expenses for emergency visits, including a round -trip  ticket from the origin ,and accommodation expenses up to the contract ceiling, based on the request of the insured.
Coverage Limitations
The insurance policy covers most of the world countries including: the US, Canada, Europe, Schengen countries and East Asian Countries (Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore) etc.