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Air Mail Sales
In line with its objectives and business activities, Iran Air has placed cargo transportation and handling in general and mail shipments in particular as the main priorities in its programmes because cargo and mail transportation play important roles in economic developments of the country. The Iran Air Post Sales Unit performs its activities under the terms and conditions of the IATA/UPU and makes contracts with the Post Company of Islamic Republic of Iran and with a number of other companies in other countries including Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Malaysia, etc. Iran Air, carrying more than 3200 tons of domestic and international cargo annually, is ready for any kinds of cooperation with governmental and non-governmental companies inside and outside of the country, with high safety, speed, accuracy, and reasonable rates.
Customers for more information  may contact the followings:
Room 263, 2nd floor, Central Building, Iran Air HQ., Mehrabad Airport, Tehran, Iran.
Tel:  +98(21)46625165
Fax:  +98(21)46628493