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 The History of Cabin Crew Profession
When aircraft came into service in 1920s, new jobs also evolved to match the extent of the industry's growing operations. During that period, commercial air travels were very new and, like today, airlines were seeking ways to provide safety and services for their passengers. The flight attendant career has come a long way from the very first
 “Cabin Boys” to the present well-trained and professional crew. Currently, there are more than 300, 000 male and female cabin crewmembers all around the world.
Over the years, aviation industry has evolved by passing significant milestones which have shaped the industry and the profession.

In the 1950s, governments and legislative agencies were required to train flight attendants with regard to in-flight safety procedures in commercial flights. Studying accident investigation reports and safety procedures over the years have indicated that flight attendants have crucial roles in the safety and security of passengers in emergencies. Today, training programs for flight attendants follow many strict rules.