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Infants’ Travel

For the air travel of infants aged between 10 days and 2 years along with their parents there’s no preclusion unless they have been forbidden to travel on aircraft by doctors.

It’s noticeable that infants do not occupy seats on the aircraft, unless there are 2 infants travelling with one parent, in such a case a seat shall be required for the second infant and child's fare is paid for it . The luggage which may be carried with the infant free of charge is 10 kilograms and the ticket price is 10% of an adult one.
A new born infant: a ten days to two years old infant accompanied with the parents.
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Frequent Flyers

Passengers who have remained loyal to IranAir and select IranAir for their international flights, are given points for each international flight depending on the length of the route. Having gathered the required points they may enjoy some advantages such as: using the resting place, being served at the airport lounge, priority in luggage acceptance, enjoy free baggage allowance, seat confirmation in case there are no  seat on board, purchasing tickets from other airlines which have interline agreements with IranAir  etc.

The amount of passengers’ points is categorized in three forms of cards: blue, silver and golden cards which are offered to IranAir agencies and stations for getting the services on flights.
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Denied boarding by overbooking

Despite the carrier’s utmost endeavor to provide passengers with confirmed seats it’s never guaranteed to have available seats on the flight but if the passenger is not boarded within the determined period despite confirmed seats because of non-available seats,the process of  compensation loss is based on the prevailing executive rules and regulations on the carrier , whose details exist at the company’s office.

Notice of liability limitations (Warsaw Convention)

Warsaw convention means the law dated October 12th 1929 that allows Iran’s government to join the unification convention for some international air transportations. The law’s later amendment (called Hague protocol) dated September 28th 1955 was sanctioned in 1354.

Check-in time

The passenger must be present at the airport for checking in at least 1.5 hours before a domestic flights and 3 hours before an international flights.