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Normal pregnancy up to 28 weeks does not need any medical clearance, but after 28 weeks of pregnancy it is required to apply for a medical clearance


Early notification to the airline is essential to ensure communication to operational areas for pre-board and provision of buggies or wheelchairs , special diet and seating and other needed facilities. there is a special Medical Information Form available following this page or from the Iran Air office or travel agent. This form should be completed by the passenger’s medical representative and then be passed to the Iran Air office at the time of booking to ensure timely medical clearance. It is essential that the form is fully completed as delays can result if information is omitted.

Patient and Air Travel

IRAN AIR provides services for the passengers requiring extra help but these can be made available only if the airline is advised of the need for special assistance by the passenger or his/her medical practitioner prior to the flight. We are able to assess the fitness for travel of those with medical needs.
Pre - flight Assessment and Medical Clearance.

Objective : The objectives of medical clearance are to provide safe, healthy travel, high levels of customer satisfaction and to prevent delays and diversions to the flight as a result of a deterioration in the passenger’s well - being. It depends, however upon self-declaration by the passenger and upon the attending physician having an awareness of the flight environment and how this might affect the patient’s condition.

Medical center Contact